Had a catfish hankerin today. Showed up at Legends Express right as they opened at 10:30, just me and a good old boy in front, at the drive thru. We both kept our engines off after ordering, understanding that they're in start up mode.

When I got to the window the rosy cheeked smiley girl said the fish needed a couple more minutes. Nobody behind me so I just scrolled thru TikTok on my phone, engine off.

I love this meal, the catfish is super fresh in the morning, big chunk of cornbread to dip into my sides of baked beans and creamed corn. Everything just melts in my mouth, which is great because my tooth count is at zero. The cornbread, baked beans combo, is a lesson in down home southern cooking.

I pull over into the big empty parking lot at the fairgrounds and eat half of it, saving the rest for dinner later.

So how much is this combo badboy? Eight dollars even.