I just started watching a NetFlix series called Kaleidescope, and the underlining theme is, mistrust.

They keep saying What it comes down to, is you, versus the people that want what you have! Then they follow it up with The only thing that matters is, can you manipulate them, better than they manipulate you?

It makes me wonder how many people, and businesses, live by this position?

What a sad take on life! First off, if someone can give me a convincing argument that they need something I have, more than I do, it's theirs.

Secondly, I don't manipulate anyone, or anything. It's not in my blood. I embrace honesty, as evident by this blog. I don't share everything here, just enough to establish my position. But everything I say here, is the truth.

I wish you all a great year ahead, and I love you!