I just got a text from one of my young co-workers at Crockett Shoals Tubing Company last summer. His name is Hudson, a great kid, junior at Lawrence County HS, and he has been following my blog.

Wow, I didn't realize my eclectic ramblings reached into the young lives of the County I live in. He said he has been enjoying my computer science history posts from over the decades.

And today he stepped up and said he would be willing to feed my ducks while I was gone on this upcoming road trip, before he goes to school, so the ducks don't miss a day. I am touched!

He just dropped by and I showed him my feeding techniques via my YouTube channel on my giant TV. I showed him how to call them from across the lake with a series of quack sounds. How to feed them from my hand.

Then I set him up with bags of wild bird seed, cracked corn, and an extra bag to mix them in. I told him I would text him when I hit the road, he smiled broadly, and we shook hands.

What a solid young man!