Spent the morning doing laundry at the Wishy Washy, and trying to rescue a bird that had flown in an was trapped behind a cabinet and a big picture window. Poor baby couldn't understand why she couldn't fly through it, and her partner was frantically squaking at her, fluttering around on the outside. Couldn't make it happen, but I'm sure my friend the laundry lady would solve it when she came in.

Packed up and was out of the house by 0930. Down to Birmingham, over to Tuscaloosa, on to Meridian, MS and I've landed at a rest area south of Hattiesburg. Both New Orleans, and Gulfport Mississippi are 96 miles away. Been to New Orleans a few times in my life, so tomorrow I hit Gulfport, put my toes in the ocean, ass in the sand, with a cold drink in my hand!