I just had breakfast at Crockett's Mill restaurant up in Davy Crockett park. It's an all you can eat family style buffet, served at your table, open from 0800 to 0945 to accommodate the church goers, served only on Sunday.

Biscuits, white gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, baked apples, breakfast potatoes and grits. I ordered eggs over easy, thinking it would replace the scrambled, but no, got them both. My waitress asked me how many eggs and I said two, then she winked at me and said go for three.

Several times she returned to my table to see if I wanted more of anything. Ahh, no sweety, this is plenty :-) The food was delicious, cost $15 a head, and would have been perfect for two people, as the food is served on separate plates, and you share. There were a few large families there, having a great time.

Then I fed my ducks...