Where does OldManjim stand as the election unfolds tomorrow?

My ancestry in this country goes back to at least the 1500's, maybe more. Perhaps my relatives were slave owners, I don't know. I have apologized to the black girlfriends in my life, and we were good. My black male friends have always been the best.

I have had my children aborted, and as I look back on everything, I am so sorry, it never should have occurred, and I miss you.

For many years I had no political affiliation. Just brain dead, moving through life, like a lot of people now. Tomorrow is the day to get you're head out of your ass, and vote!

I think illegal immigrant women and children flowing into our country from an unsecured southern border is great! The human trafficking business needs victims, and this fills the void. It helps to protect our female joggers on the street from abduction.

I hate paying over three bucks a gallon for gas, damn, I remember when it was $.19 a gallon back in the sixties, and around two bucks under Trump.

I have seen the prices for everything double, in the last two years, thank you Brandon.

So, lets go vote!

So how am I voting? Flat out Red baby! I will go to my location tomorrow and vote R across every item on the ballot.

And I think Trump should step down, and give the nomination to Desantas. I love the guy, but he's too toxic, and we just need to win.

There you go, my opinion...