I have made some decisions regarding the upcoming cruise in 40 days. For one, as a function of my exercise routines and walking, I'm going to dry out, again. I'll need to be at the top of my game to keep up with the youngins.

I've also decided to not get the drink package, for a couple of reasons. It's much more expensive than my last cruise at $51 a day plus 18% gratuity on each drink. Besides, when you have the package you tend to way over drink just to justify it. I'm getting a great deal on my room, $548.86, which works out to $78.40 a day. Considering your food is included, you can't beat that!

What would be truly amazing is to do the cruise sober, nothing but water. I can still hang out at the bars with the gang as there's no rule you have to drink to sit there. Besides, Shelby mentioned to me she's looking forward to making some enduring memories from our adventures, and the cool thing is, I would remember them, and have more cash to spend on making them.