I've been walking around my little house muttering, Ok, I'm done! But I can't figure out what it is I'm done with.

Drinking? Writing embarrassing blog posts? Loving? Living? I guess if I embraced that last one, all of the others would be resolved. But I'm still glad to be alive, as painful as it is sometimes.

Ok, so here's what I'm really done with:

 • Eating at the taco truck, like I did today, and regret it.

 • Searching for the kitten, I hope you're ok little guy.

 • Texting out blog post notifications, this is the last one.

 • Hanging on to lost love, need to move on.

 • Writing code, been done with that for a while.

 • Long road trips, I think.

 • Another cruise, twice and done now.

 • Buying anything from Amazon, two day shipping has turned into six or more, Prime video sucks, and I want my money back.