I water my baby's plant well, today I watered her twice. The flowers continue to sprout, and die. This plant is a living testament to the sweet cat that lies below her.

My debit card was denied at a store today, so I called the bank, and said What The Fuck? It turns out they have this fraud protection thing going and my flight to Seattle purchase triggered a shutdown.

So, I told them I purchase items like this all the time. I've been to Belize three times in the last three years, and Roatan twice. The nice bank lady said it was for my benefit and I said turn it the fuck off, please. There is now a note on my account, that I travel a lot!

Sheesh. And then a guy washing windows told me that because of the war in Ukraine there was going to be a global famine that will affect us all, come winter.

Now my brain is going South! Or North, I'm not sure. I've been having weird shit going on inside...