Omfg. I'm sitting in my little house, as a man who helped expand technology back in the seventies and eighties, and my mind is blown.

I don't dive into the deep stuff these days, yet I surround myself with the good. I have my laptop at my fingertips, my big TV feeding me more video content than I can consume, with my Samsung tablet to my left, giving me TikTok.

Y'all don't really remember where this personal computer world evolved from, because you either weren't alive, or were babies. I do, in 1969 I was learning how to program computers by hooking wires together on a board at Merritt College in Oakland, CA.

I've had an amazing computer career, and I could easily write a book about it. Instead I share bits and pieces about it here in my blogs, and enjoy the hell out of our current computer technology, from a different perspective.

For example: Tonight I had everything shut down, ready to go to bed, but I had my tablet running TikTok on my left. It's my link to what's going on in the world! Fuck Fox News, fuck the other Networks!

TikTok feeds me reality, from the people who choose to send it. It also connects me to great entertainment.

For example, tonight I saw a video of a couple of young girls doing a version of Creep in front of some people in chairs that turn around if interested.

They turned around with their jaws hanging in their lap. I love this shit, so glad to be alive, and to be able to enjoy it!

Here's the link!