Just thought it was time to share my feelings about this crap.

Last year as the virus was spreading around the world I was transporting 200+ people from around the South up and down Shoal Creek in a cramped 14 passenger bus. Then I drove cross country to Seattle and back.

People around me were catching this thing and a bunch dropping dead so when the City offered drive thru shots at the firehouse early this year I joined the line and got both jabs from the window of my truck. Stories of rough reactions were everywhere but all I experienced was a sore arm. I did have a couple of months of mental fogginess early on, but who knows...

I stopped masking up at Krogers and Walmart, went to Belize this summer and a few other trips, and I have not caught Covid, not even the flu. Yesterday I got the booster and I have a slightly sore arm, that's it.

I've been a staunch anti flu-vaxer, never got one, but I have no regrets about these shots. Maybe there is shit going down with them, but at 75, I don't care, all I know is that I have never caught Covid and I'm still alive!