I bottomed out in front of a public library in Fremont, CA. back in the mid to late sixties. I spent the night in the bushes across the street homeless, walked in when they opened and told myself I need to figure out what I'm going to do with my life.

The acid buzz was wearing off as I walked around, looking for anything, when a book about Computer Programming leaped out at me. I sat down and devoured it, left knowing that if I ever had the chance, this is what I wanted to do.

I eventually got that opportunity at Merritt College in Oakland and departed there with skills that rocked the Bay Area IBM System 3-Model 10/15 world. IBM had this sweet machine they wanted to implement in the Bay Area, many company's wanted them badly, and I was the implementor. I completed some wonderful projects and became a legend.

Then the IBM PC hit in the early eighties and it was off to the races with another box, another life, and more wondrous code spilling from my fingertips. I've had an amazing coding career.