I almost bought the farm this morning. My little dead end street connects with a busy four lane highway at the bottom of two hills. Trucks coming in both directions speed up well above the 45 speed limit so they can get up either hill.

My trip to the ducks involves crossing the highway from my street (on the right) to another small street (on the left). This morning I crossed into the turn lane (red dot) and waited for the traffic to clear. A hole opened up as a large truck was coming down the hill in the right lane with another vehicle next to it.

Now I'm a good aggressive driver and I've made that turn many times in that situation. Unfortunately, it was cold, and I didn't let my truck warm up enough. As I crossed into the trucks lane, my engine hiccuped, leaving me stalled in the trucks path.

I was able to use my forward momentum to clutch her back to life, fortunately, because that truck had nowhere to go, and I would have been crushed.

On Friday the 13th, no less. Anyway, it was a good wake up call to back off my aggressive driving, and wait for the traffic to clear.