I have a couple of goat cheese road trips planned. First up, I've discovered that one of the most prestigious goat cheese (chevra, pronounced chev ra) makers in the country is only 41.4 miles from me, down in Elkmont, AL. They're called Belle Chevre and I just called them to say hi. I can't get there today and they're closed Sun and Mon so I asked where I can buy locally.

Which brings up tomorrows road trip, the Publix market down in Florence, AL. which sells their product. At 36.18 miles it's an easy Sunday jaunt, buy some cheese, and then see if I want to go to Elkmont next week. Retired life is tough...

Here's a Montrachet style log:

How about a goat cheese cheesecake. This thing is an award winner:

Kinda like me, sexy skinny and smart.