I helped Steph out this morning, getting her cars engine pressure tested, because it's been overheating. The verdict was a crack in the head gasket. The estimate was over a grand to fix it, or $30 for an additive called Blue Devil to try and seal it.

I contacted Riley and got his opinion. He said there was a third alternative, buy a complete used engine. He then hooked me up with car-part.com and found one in good condition, 70 miles away, for $425. So now it's in her court on how to proceed.

Then, I plugged my truck into that site and searched for leaf springs for my baby's old sagging rear end. Found some at Charlie's Used Auto Parts in Dayton, TN, 185 miles away, for $50 each. The route takes me right through Chattanooga, one of my favorite places here in the south.

So I bought them over the phone and they said they would be pulled and available next week. Road trip baby!