My Cayenne pills arrived today from Amazon. I was chatting with my nephew Brian on the phone yesterday, from Jackson Hole Wyoming, and he remembered when I turned 70, quit drinking, and became a health nut.

Cayenne powder, and a whole bunch of other great powders, were my daily regiment, and it made an impact on him as he watched me slim down, get sober, and healthy.

Now he's clean and sober, taking Cayenne pills, and I just bought the same brand. Full circle.

He also has an opportunity to become a coder, in a very complicated field of control systems, and he sent me the details this morning. I researched everything, broke down the acronyms individually, and sent him summaries of what I found.

He works for a water treatment facility at a ski resort in Jackson and they want to get rid of their high priced consulting firm, and pass it over to one man. Hopefully him.

I am so honored to be an inspiration to my nephew, and great friend, Brian!