I drove down to Loretto today (8 miles) to check out the new pet boarding place. Met a nice young couple and their two little girls and Derrick showed me the kennel area he built in what used to be his shop. Six cages (two for cats) and a play area behind them for the dogs. They love animals and just decided to make a business out of it.

Unfortunately, it ain't going to work for Piper. Stuck in one of those cages along with food, water and a litter box, along with incessant dog barking, would be hell for her. Quite frankly I've never seen the Northside Vet accommodations where I normally leave her, could be the same or worse. Places like this are just not an option for my old fat spoiled partner.

Fortunately, I'm back in text touch with Crissinda's young friend Molly who does on-site pet sitting. She will come by the house twice daily, feed the old girl, give her treats and change the litter box. It's a perfect solution for a couple nights out of town and I look forward to meeting her next week!