I was stopped at a light, coming back from Krogers this morning and spotted a little handmade sign that said "Yard Sale - 128 Jackson St". It was dated today so I got my groceries home, then headed straight there.

Pretty lame, just a few items, with a very short lady sitting behind a table, with a cash box. A little boy and girl were sitting in a nice Jeep under a canopy. I asked the lady how much for the Jeep and kids. Fortunately, she laughed.

I didn't want to leave empty handed, so I shelled out some big bucks for an item, and I now suffer from buyers remorse.

I like eggs scrambled in the morning, but the cleanup is a pain, so I decided to try these egg cooking things out.

I whisked up three quality eggs with a dollop of sour cream,

then poured the mixture into three of these little silicon thingys. At least they stood upright on the counter.

I then lowered them into a pot of boiling water.

One of them fell over, just wouldn't stay uprite, and the egg mixture poured out of the little venting holes. There were no directions on how long to cook an egg in these Chinese slave worker made pieces of shit. I pulled out the two that didn't fall over, and they were a runny, uneatable mess.

Three quality eggs down the drain, less space in my garbage can, and I'm out a bunch of money...