A good blog post is one where you can capture a thought, an incident, your daily life in general, and then string together words, paragraphs, and media into a concise, enjoyable journey.

I've been blogging for 4,076 days (June 6, 2011) and I still love it. To encapsulate your day into a post that you share almost daily, is an amazing thing.

Old blog posts, from busdriverjim.com, to oldmanjim.com, are like a beacon into my soul when I wrote them. I allowed comments on Bus, composed in WordPress, but suppressed that in Old.

When I created the second blog I wanted something new, and created it with Joomla. No comments, slick tools. I understand that not many of my readers have the skill set to pull this off, but Facebook provides the alternative.

Talk about your life everyday, we want to know!