I've added another B to my No BB&B (booze,bud,beans{coffee}) equation. I've been consuming a lot of bananas over the last couple of years in the smoothie I make every day: three bananas, more than a dozen strawberries, plain yogurt and a scoop of protein powder. The folks at Kroger's roll their eyes every time I place a big pile of bananas on the treadmill.

It's been my main drink and while it's healthy with all that fruit, I just discovered that bananas have 150 calories each! I've been walking five miles a day to drop a few pounds to no avail and wondering why, it's the damned bananas!

There is now a big pile of bananas in my trash, I'm done and from here on out my new health regime shall be known as No BBB&B.

btw: my new drug Primidone is controlling my tremors. I take one 50mg tab in the morning, one in the evening, and the tremors while still there, are reduced to a manageable buzz. No BBB&B required...