Expressing myself to the world with a blog is something I've been doing for the last ten years. Many times it got deep into my soul but I kept the post up thinking someday I would revisit it and learn something about me. What a bunch of bullshit, all I did was expose my deepest self to the world for anybody to exploit if they wanted to. That never happened, so what the fuck?

Talking deeply about your life to the world takes a certain kind of balls, that I bet most of you don't have {metaphorically speaking girls). For me it's been amazing, I can include a passion for photography, technical expertise accumulated over fifty years and a god given ability to write words, into a post.

Sometimes I dive too deep, back off and send the post{s} to blog trash hell, and it hurts to do so. Right now I'm hurting in a bunch of different directions so I suppose I should just stop right now and let this year slide into an end...

Update: My very few freinds expressed concern about this post. This was not some sort of cry for help, that ain't my bag, just expressing the truth, and looking forward to New Years.