Went to bed sober last night, giving the new prescription for tremors a shot. It was a restless night, but managed to get some sleep. And any sleep is better than non-moving unconsciousness. The tremors didn't stop, but the edge was a bit softer.

I skipped watching football for the most part yesterday since I don't have anything invested, but I did watch the last few minutes of that game where Trevor Lawrence brought the Jaguars back from being down 27-0, to win over the Chargers. These guys are now my pick for the Super Bowl.

I also watched all current episodes of Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount+. Pretty edgy show, I like it, and I just heard a great quote from it:

My father used to say, I can't wait to get old, for my mind to soften, and my memories to rot away. The hardest thing to do is forget, forget the scars that life gives you, forget the scars you gave others. The challenge, then, is hiding a few memories worth keeping from your dying mind. He told me to keep a journal and only write down the good things. Then, when the bad things fade away, you can read about the happy life you had.

I should take that advice...

My ducks weren't very hungry this morning, only Whitey and Cotton Top really chowed down. But still I can call them onshore from the middle of the lake and we just say good morning, and hang out. We have become good friends.