There I go again, writing posts that I really shouldn't be, and sharing them with people I really should not. I wake up the next morning wondering what I wrote, who I texted the link to, and just shake my head.

I have obviously alienated a bunch of folks. Some of my texts are not going through, which would imply that my number has been blocked.

I've been using Goggles web based messaging system on my laptop, connected to my phone via blue tooth, so it's way too easy to copy a link and paste it to everyone on my list.

I have shut that down now, and the list of people in my text history is empty. So the only way I can text now is on my phone, which means I won't be texting links to anyone because it's a pain.

Bottom line, hopefully I never send a single post link to anyone again. I will keep blogging, but if anyone wants to see what I write, they need to drop by the website.

Sometimes you need to take drastic actions, to solve a problem...