I went to the Lawrence County Fair today. Ten dollars to park, seven to get in. The place was mostly food trucks (I had a barbecue sandwich) and rides. It was not busy at 1100 and a lot of the operators looked bored and were messing with their phones.

I was told there was a livestock building so I checked that out. Turns out it was all about rabbits. I saw a few that were really cute. I wonder what would be involved in raising a rabbit as a pet.

And what in the hell, is a Funnel Cake? No thanks.

Click the photo below to see the shots I took, if you like.

I was laying under my blanket this morning, watching TikTok on the tablet, when a very strange thing occurred.

My brain went blank. I didn't know where I was, or how I got here. I shut down the tablet and started reassembling my memory.

I rolled over and saw stuff that looked familiar, but I couldn't make any connections. I finally figured out that I was in Lawrenceburg, TN, but how did I get here? I literally could not remember.

I finally put it all together: I came here with Steph from Driggs, ID, thinking I was going to start a new life, with her grandkids and family.

It's interesting to reconstruct something like that in your head, and then say to yourself Man, that sure got messed up.

Anyway, that was damned weird. I sure hope it's not a sign of something going on in my head. Living here is interesting enough, but I still want to remember it.

Here is a set of 65 photos from Ariella's first birthday party:

Here's some video of the day:

I hit the Shiloh Inn hot tub and steam room early this morning, finally got Brian down there, and we planned our day.

First stop, the restaurant next to the hotel, for breakfast. Brian was trying to be conservative because folks around here serve big meals, so he ordered french toast. I ordered some of their in house hash, potatoes and eggs.

The french toast was this giant round thing, and there were two of them. My meal was quite tasty, thank you.

The remaining french toast, and a dollop of my corned beef hash were than placed into a food box.

And then we drove to downtown Portland. Been hearing all this stuff about Portland being messed up, so we went. I have a history with this town, so I was curious.

Ya know, I got a pretty good vibe from the place. I had the window down letting everything flow.

The downtown was pretty together, the homeless camps were in the outskirts, but an occasional tent can be found.

We spotted one on the right, with a turnout area, and we stopped. There was a toothless guy with a big smile and I reached over and clicked the horn.

As he acknowledged and approached, I grabbed the food box from the back seat and handed it to him, saying it's french toast and hash. He was excited and grateful, calling down into his tent for his partner to join him.

We did Portland, and continued on, smiling.

Our intention was to arrive back at Riley's in the early evening and settle down in the camper. But in the meantime, we had time.

The plan was to travel due north, avoid all the big city stuff along I-5, slide into Washington and take the back roads to Orting.

At a pit stop I chatted with a local and he directed us to the side highway system that rolls north and south, avoiding I-5.

So with Brian driving, and me navigating, we pulled it off! Never touched I-5 again, dodged all traffic issues, rolled through beautiful country that reminded me of Tennessee, and landed us back at the trailer.

Brian and I are in Salem, OR staying at the Shiloh Inn. Great room, with a hot tub and a sauna downstairs. I've been there twice now, Brian once.

We had an amazing fish and chips meal at McGrath's Fish House, I subbed for mashed potatoes.

The meal was preceded with two terrific crab cakes... but I digress.

We left Astoria this morning and mosied down Hwy 101 to Seaside, where we had breakfast.

Then we hit Cannon Beach, walked out to Haystack Rock, and I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean. Bucket item checked.

Tomorrow we head North along I-5 and see what lies ahead.

Spent the night in Riley and Jess's trailer, with Brian, still hanging out here.

Here's a walkaround video of their back yard:

My Seattle trip has performed perfectly within the plan, so far. Hung out with the Tubing crew yesterday afternoon, ate some food and had a nice time.

Then I drove to a Love's travel center north of Nashville and parked between two large white vans, which were still there when I got up at 0500. The parking lot for my truck was just down the road and caught the shuttle to the airport with no issues.

Breezed through security, shoes on, and didn't have to take my electronics out. Very smooth. Then I found a table with a power outlet and everything is all charged up, and I've goten two blog posts up, and two videos.

I shot some footage of the tubing crew yesterday, where I shoved my camera in everyone's face and told them to say their name and who they were.

I got everyone but Rocco, Madie, and Rachel, I must have hit the photo button by accident, so I just have a picture, and missed Rachel completely.

I'll still create a video, but it won't be all that I wanted...

Daniel contained the ball, I shot the footage.

So, I bought my round trip to Seattle a couple of months ago thru Priceline.com, They sent me the itinerary and I decided I would wait until almost travel day to figure out how to turn a confirmation number into a way to make it on the plane.

That day was today, and I had no idea what I was doing. So I started texting with my brilliant, well traveled, very tech savvy grand-daughter Shelby.

The flight leaves Nashville just before noon on American Airlines, lays over in Dallas, and Alaska Airlines finishes the trip to Seattle. The return flight is on Alaska and is a straight shot.

Shelby's first advice was to download the American app, sign up, then add a trip with the confirmation number off my Priceline printout. I did that, but it wasn't showing the Dallas leg. She told me I had to swipe left to see it, really?

Now I'm a little bit of a savvy tech guy, but I didn't see that option. Ok, American has my info now and twenty four hours before the flight they will send me a boarding pass that I can use from my phone. Cool.

Then I downloaded the Alaska app, signed up, and all they showed me was the return flight. What about the inbound leg, I didn't see it? Once again, Shelby explained that the flight was covered by the American app, and was just a slide to the left away.

Ok, I finally get it, but man, what a process. What if you didn't know what you were doing, didn't have a phone, or didn't have a Shelby. You would be walking around the airport waving a bunch of printed pages around and yelling "Help Me"!

Yesterday I thought either my phone battery, or the charging unit, had gone bad. The cable was the culprit.

It was a good quality thick standard USB to C cable. When I got the phone message about moisture on it, is when it went bad, on it's own, no moisture.

I plugged the phone into my laptop using a C to C cable, and she charged up fully in an hour. I'm calling my new friend at Fix N' Go in Florence at 0900 and bailing on that trip.

At least I've found someone to work on my phone, when things really do go bad.