As I live another day of intoxicants and code I slowly slide away into southern Tennessee oblivion. I question my future, reflect on my past, and search my soul for that next big move.

What was my last move? I did that fucking road trip, had a great time and survived. I rescued my truck on a Montana mountain pass and gave her new life when she brought me home. I saved my cat, found a cool goat cheese place and made that trip to Pensacola to meet Taylor. Oh, and I'm creating a website.

Wow, I don't know what's next...

But I want to look like this!

Ok, who's the girl? She was one of the kids from the Reach For Rainbows daycare north of Driggs, ID about five years back. I drove them once a week to wherever Day Care Mistress Lucinda (my buddy) chose to go.

I was told that this one talked about a daughter who had died. She was an old soul who blew everyone's mind that met her.

There you go...

Oh wait, check this out!

What an interesting time to be alive. I never thought I'd live long enough to see pot become a multi-billion dollar business in California, where the ready for harvest buds are currently getting infused with wildfire smoke while a hurricane is threatening my grand-daughters business down in Pensacola. My prayers go out to both today.

I got a call last night from Riley and he said his partner (and boss) Brian loved the new website. He asked Riley "Does he do this for a living, can I give him some money?" and Riley said "No, and he won't take money". My boy knows me well, I do it for the love of the game, and positive feedback makes me happy. I'm also thinking that the domain is sitting pretty well with them.

Now the site needs content, which is on Brian's wife, a very busy medical executive. Right now it just contains template gibberish that I cut and pasted from sources around the net. The site needs to define them properly and present photos that reflect the quality of their work. We'll hook up...

I just decided to write down the top ten attributes that I believe define me as a person, as they pop down from that processor above, unto my hand. Here's my list:

Sensitive, troubled, brilliant, creative, caring, kind, addictive, loving, lonely, happy, restless. What's your list?

When a business takes off and starts bringing in a lot of cash, the workers and owners are at odds. The employees are still making the same basic rate while the owners are profiting big time from the increased effort the employees are putting out. The owners feel guilty so they buy the workers an occasional pizza or a gift card at a local restaurant, while the workers feel slighted.

I'm an old guy who has been around startups for a long time and the most successful solution to this problem has been profit sharing. When the owners start taking 10% off their daily profit and dividing it among their staff equally, it changes everything. It puts every employee in the game. They bust their ass with purpose knowing that every dime the owner brings in, they share a portion of.

Just sayin...

Here's my latest flyer:

Depressed... The country I love, that has allowed me to create, prosper, sometimes starve and more often then not, make a fool of myself, is falling apart. I sit here now on my little patch of rented dead-end street lawn listening to the traffic rolling by on the nearby highway and wonder "didn't they get the notice"?

The governor announced a very explicit stay at home order this morning and I am doing my part as a citizen of Tennessee to comply even though I ache for the open road right now. I notice no change in the volume of traffic out there, what the hell is going on?

And why the hell am I living in a state where I can't buy some fucking pot legally? Damn, I wish I was stoned right now.