Having all the time in the world isn’t much use if you experience it all on your own.

Memento mori is a latin phrase meaning remember that you must die. In other words, live every day to the fullest, as if it was your last.

I love taking pictures of unrepairable vehicles and presenting them to my master autobody tech son Riley, and say Fix This!

So here you go, from Iron City, TN:

Death is happening all around me lately. My kitty is gone, my barbers wife died, the hitch-hiker I picked up just lost his dad, the teeth inside my head have died, and now my little Asus notebook, that I have carried around on all my latest adventures, and blogged with, has bricked. Hopefully I'm not next.

But from death, springs life! The flowering plant I placed over Piper is growing well, and I just bought a new laptop at Walmart for $547 out the door.

It's an Acer Aspire 5 with 8GB memory, 256GB storage, Intel I-5 processor, running Windows 11. I spent the afternoon setting it up and now I have all my bloging tools on it.

This laptop will be an extension of my desktop when I'm on the road, with no compromises. I can process photos from my Sony and my phone, edit videos with Filmora, even write code with Visual Studio Code. The display is amazing, YouTube videos rock in full screen, and the sound is good.

In fact, I have created this post entirely from my new laptop.

A funny thing happened at the dentist yesterday. The lady going through my medical forms said I notice you checked the alcohol/drug abuse box? and I said yea, I drink, and if a joint comes my way, I smoke it. She laughed and said well, ok then.

So what was I doing at the dentist? Wiping out my $1000 dental insurance benefit for the year by getting the last four teeth in my head removed. I was brushing them yesterday morning and they hurt, so I said screw it, they're gone. I managed to get an afternoon appointment at Beck Dental Care up in Columbia. They were terrific, lovely ladies, cool young dentist. They put the nitrous on my nose, numbed me up, and went to town.

So now what, insurance is gone, guess I'll just learn to do without. I'm ok with that, teeth are a pain in the ass anyway...

Daniel brought over one of his weapons last night, a semi-automatic with a laser sight. I think he said he a had a couple of these, and the ammo was badass also, some kind of armor piercing shit. Coming down our little deadend street, with ill-intent, would be misguided...

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