I never get political on this blog but I'm making an exception today. Twenty years ago I was a supervisor for a large paratransit company in south Seattle. I had driven my company van home that morning to take a break and watched the towers come down live on TV.

Not really knowing what to expect I got back in the van, turned my radio on that was in communication with about sixty active routes, and listened to them fall apart. Drivers were pulling over, in shock, in tears, and just wanted to get home to their families. We managed to get everyone in and it was shit for days.

Now after thousands of lives lost, tens of thousands wounded, and trillions of dollars spent securing that country, Biden has thrown it all away for a political stunt, to be the president who brought the troops home after twenty years. I am sickened by this and I won't be watching any of the tribute crap on TV. Fuck 911, I've had enough.